You can find the most recent changes and the state of the RRECSulator on this page.

02 October 2022

Bug Fix: Boxholders were counted towards verify address time. This is a bug, boxholders do not have an address. Added 3'ish extra minutes for each boxholder.

27 July 2022

Added the changelog :)

I believe most of the bugs have been fixed. Should give a reasonable approximation of any rural route in RRECS.


  1. Parcels with a delivery signature count as an accountable, not a parcel.
  2. Non-signature express mail still get standard s038.
  3. Less than 400 pieces of DPS counts as 'Cased DPS' standard, not 'Random.' Section 8 and 9 of the comprehensive guide contradict one another.
  4. Parcels do *not* count towards markup mail volume.
  1. Details about the mini mail count (aka mail survey)
  2. Still lots of ??? about intermediate office routes.