About This Site

This site was built by me, to help USPS rural carriers trying to understand their new pay system.

If you are a rural carrier: thanks for stopping by!
Like the site, hate the site, found a bug, want to swap postal stories, etc. Feel free to email me at rrecsulator.com@gmail.com

Not a rural carrier? Well, still feel free to email me! Especially if you have a stellar sweet potato pie recipe. (yum-yum I do like sweet potato pie!)

But to the non USPS rural mail carrier this site probably looks like a lot of gobbledygook. So let me try to give a high level overview.
Rural Carriers are:

Doing more work delivering more packages
and receiving less pay and benefits
than any time in my memory (ever?)

To top it all off, rural carriers are largely being kept in the dark about their new pay system. It is a trying time to be a rural mail carrier. So please, the next time you see a rural mail man/lady, smile and thank them for their service :)