Drive Time Calculator HowTo

This calculator will determine your drive time in RRECS.

Unfortunately, you will need interval data between the boxes and traffic control points (TCPs) on your route.
I know of no easy way to collect this data. It can be done with older style GPS receiver like the Garmin Forerunner 305, but is rather labor intensive.

If you are unable to get this data, you can use the approximation described in the NRLCA RRECS Q&A;:

1. Add together mail stops and traffic control points to determine total intervals on theroute.
2. Divide Mileage by total stops above to get the average interval length in miles.
3. Convert miles to feet by multiplying by 5280.
4. Look up this average interval in the Drive Speed Matrix (DSM) in the RRECS Comprehensive Guide 5. Divide the route miles by this speed in mph to determine the approximate daily evaluated driving time under RRECS.
If using this approach, you don't need my calculate. Just take the DAILY calculated time and move on to fixed data entry.

If the route's interval data is on you computer, in an Excel sheet or Google Sheet, than just save it as a comma separated variable and upload. This is the easiest way to input interval data into the calculator.

If you have already mapped your route, you should be able to get the rest of the data from the mapping program. There should be a sheet labeled "DPM Data." It will have all of the route's stop signs, yield signs, mileage, etc.

If you can't get this document for whatever reason, then just count the traffic control points while out delivering the route. Use the 4240 to find the mileage.