Fixed Data Entry HowTo

Use this form to input the 'fixed' data for your route. Fixed data does not change from day to day (things like number of boxes).
When you have completed this form, click the "SAVE" button at the bottom. The information will be saved in your browser. If you switch devices or clear your cache, you will need to complete this form again.

If data has already been saved, and you visit this form, there will be an optional "LOAD" button. Clicking this button will restore the saved information, which you can then save again by clicking the "SAVE" button at the bottom.

You MUST enter and save this fixed data BEFORE using the Daily Eval Calculator


Regular Curb Boxes: Boring, everyday, run-of-the mill mailbox. How many are on the route?

Regular Sidewalk Boxes: Mailboxes that are behind the sidewalk. Require a dismount to service. Make sure to include the dismount in the "Authorized Dismounts" section below

Regular Other Boxes: Anything not covered by Curb and Sidewalk boxes above. Typically, dismounts to enter a business or a hardship delivery.

CBUs Serviced: A CBU is a cluster box containing multiple delivery boxes. The dismount time is included separately, in the authorized dismounts below.

CBU Boxes: The total number of serviced boxes (slots) inside of CBUs on the route.

Centralized Units: Things like apartment clusters containing multiple individual boxes. The dismount time is included separately, in the authorized dismounts below.

Centralized Unit Boxes: Total number of boxes in centralized units on the route.

NPUs Serviced: Deliveries inside a non-personnel unit or unmanned post office. The dismount time is included separately, in the authorized dismounts below.

NPU Boxes: Total number of boxes in NPUs on the route.

DETs and VPOs Serviced: Detached and Village Post Offices on the route. The dismount time is included separately, in the authorized dismounts below.

Total Collection Slots: Total for all collection slots for CBUS, centralized NPU and DET + VPO deliveries.

Blue Boxes Collected: Total number of iconic blue mail receptacles serviced on the route.

Authorized Dismounts

Total dismounts for the delivery types. Look at the details above if unsure which type of delivery a particular dismount is for.

Drive Data

Type of Vehicle: Vehicle specified for the route. Most are either Private Vehicle (carrier provides the car) or RHD Government (LLV, FFV, Metris)

RRECS Drive Time: Find using the Calculator on this site. Or see the Drive Time HowTo for alternate methods.

Length (Miles): Total mileage for the route.

Walk Data

This section is for the fixed (daily recurring) walking distances. This includes office walking distances (see the end of the Comprehensive Guide for details) and walking distance to authorized dismounts.

If you know the walking distance in feet (ie an authorized dismount has already been measured) use the "Fixed Distance" entry. If you don't know the exact distance, approximate it by counting steps.

Fixed Steps: The total number of daily recurring steps. This includes office tasks like getting the scanner and authorized dismounts. If you know the actual distance in feet, then don't count the steps but use the "Fixed Distance" field instead.

Feet Per Step: How many feet you travel with one stride. 2.5 feet is a good approximation for a person of average (5'10") height. If you want a more exact figure: walk a mile, count your steps, divide 5280 / (number of steps)

Fixed Distance: Total daily recurring walked distance. This measurement is in feet.


One, Two, or Three Bundel: One Bundle: No DPS, No FSS (DPS Flats). Everything comes to PO raw.
Two Bundle: DPS Letters, No DPS Flats.
Three Bundle: DPS Letters and DPS Flats.
Rather or not you case DPS or FSS does not change your routes bundling.

Low and High Volume Mail Pouches: Mail deliveries to intra-route postal units.
Low volume --> routinely serviced in one trip.
High volume --> routinels serviced in more than one trip.
Intermediate Offices (IMOs) also count as mail pouch stops, even if the carrier doesn't bring mail to the office.

Withdraw Mail: Check if carrier is responsible for collecting mail items and bringing to the case.

Miscellaneous Time: Accumulation of Miscellaneous time from the mail survey. It sounds like this field is still being determined. From the most recent NRLCA RRECS Q&A; lots of things will fall into miscellaneous time.

Notes: Anything you would like to record about this data.
A message in a bottle to your future self...