Welcome to the RRECSulator!

This site is designed to help USPS rural mail carriers calculate their route evaluations under the Rural Route Evaluated Compensation System (RRECS)

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This site consists of 4 components.
For more info on each component, see the corresponding howto:
1. Data Collection HowTo
2. Drive Time HowTo
3. Fixed Data HowTo
4. Daily Eval Howto

You will need each part for determining a route's RRECS evaluation.
A brief introduction of each component follows.

Data Collection

In RRECS, what (and how) a route is delivered daily determines its evaluation. I have done my best to distill and simplify the essential data. The single page data collection form has every field you need to capture a delivery day.

Print copies and fill one out everyday

Drive Time

RRECS uses the interval distance between boxes and traffic control points to determine drive time. If you have this interval data, drive time calculator will determine your new drive time. You need drive time for the next section, fixed data . But don't worry, you can approximate this value if interval distances are hard to determine. See the Drive Time HowTo for more details on approximating.

Fixed Data

This is the route data that doesn't vary from day to day. Things like number of mailboxes, route mileage, personal vehicle or LLV. This data can be found on the trip report (form 4240) or in the route's edit book (form 4003).
You must enter in the fixed data before moving on to the daily evaluation

Daily Eval

Enter the info from the data collection form into the Daily Calculator. The math wheels will crank and a detailed report about the route's evaluation, for that particular day, will come out the other side.

If you are hungry for more RRECS info, check out RRECS at ruralinfo